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Topic: Steering wheel

in Forum: C4 Handling Components

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Steering wheel (1/3)
 11/7/13 11:02pm
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How do you remove steering wheel on 96 w airbag
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Re: Steering wheel (2/3)
 11/8/13 2:45pm
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 I don't have the service manual for the '96, and I can't find ANYTHING on Alldata in regards to removing the steering wheel, or even servicing the horn button, ignition key cylinder...NOTHIN! Ouch

Most air bag modules are bolted/screwed on from the rear of the steering wheel. Most take special sockets/tools to remove them, to keep "normal" folks from messing with them. Once the airbag is off, the removal of the wheel itself is fairly straightforward. Perhaps someone here has the Service Manual, and will share what it has on removing the wheel....Thumbs Up


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Re: Steering wheel (3/3)
 11/8/13 9:42pm
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1:Disable SIR system.
  • Turn ignition switch off
  • Remove AIRBAG fuse
  • Lower trim panel, LH. Disconnect yellow 2-way SIR connector at the base of the steering column.

2: Remove Inflator module

  • Remove screws from back of steering wheel. (They appear to go in from the sides, in the center of the module).

3: Remove steering wheel.

Don't neglect to Enable SIR system. Make sure ignition switch is OFF when making connection to/for, or fuses in/out in the SIR system.

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