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Topic: 1986 4+3 steering column

in Forum: C4 Interior

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1986 4+3 steering column (1/1)
 2/10/22 2:14pm
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Washington, IL - USA

1986 Coupe. This is from the 1989 VH1 sweepstakes. I won this car in a sweepstakes from thelostcorvettes.com this September. It only has 40,000 miles on it and I am going to spend the winter doing minor things to it. It runs and looks great.

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I have had this car for a year and the steering wheel has never locked. I had the floor console out when I replaced the carpet and somewhere in the process of getting everything put back together, I lost the keys. I can't say exactly when it happened but, shortly after having a locksmith cut new keys, and getting the interior back together, the ignition key will not turn all the way to the lock position, so the ignition key is stuck in the lock cylinder. The car starts and shuts off as it should, but the cylinder will not turn to the lock position so that I can remove the key.

The steering wheel has never locked since I have had the car. What will prevent the steering wheel from locking?

I have gotten into the steering column and was wondering what does the lock cable from the transmission connect to on the column?

And could someone tell me what all of the linkages are?






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