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Topic: Auto Shift Indicator Lense

in Forum: C4 Interior

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Auto Shift Indicator Lense (1/3)
 9/1/21 7:24am
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Grand Rapids, MI - USA

1985 really nice !993 just bought

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Getting ready to order a new shift indicator lenses, and one of the catalogs calls for an early or late VIN # 5600000 for before or after.

How would I figure this out, there's a S510 in my VIN, but that's it.?




Gordy Beukema


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Re: Auto Shift Indicator Lense (2/3)
 9/1/21 8:38pm
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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I'm pretty sure they did not make over 5 million '85 Corvettes....lol

Count the LAST 5 numbers of your VIN....that will be the sequential number of that particular car. If it is higher than what the vendor has as the break point, it is considered "late". If lower, it would be "early".

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Re: Auto Shift Indicator Lense (3/3)
 9/7/21 3:29pm
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Saint Cloud, FL - USA


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Your serial number will look like this :




the last 5 is what they’re talking about


as above : 02963


this was in fact a very “early” car


… the important part : in 1983


it was a 1984 manufactured in March 1983


What is the model year of your car ?


I believe what they are saying is for that particular year there were two shift indicators-


“early” & “late”


at some point in the serial numbers for that year there was a manufacturing change from one to the other


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