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Topic: CD Issue

in Forum: C4 Interior

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CD Issue (1/3)
 9/11/23 5:55pm
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Doylestown, PA - USA

1989 Classic Coupe, Red, Tan Interior

Joined: 10/7/2022
Posts: 2

I recently purchased a '93 Coupe and love it, but have just found a CD won't play when inserted in the slot on the Bose dash system and now it WILL NOT eject and apparently is firmly stuck in the machine. How to remove?  Help !  THANKS.   JH 

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Re: CD Issue (2/3)
 9/20/23 3:55pm
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Rutherfordton, NC - USA

1993 Triple White Convertible 2016 3LT Coupe, torch red

Joined: 8/13/2013
Posts: 10

It has been a while and I am going off memory, but I believe this is the issue:

What you describe is very common.  Inside the player, the disk spins on a hub (like in computer). There is a rubber pad that the disk sits on.  What happens is some of the adhesive used to attach this pad oozes out enough to "glue" the CD to the drive.

If you are willing and have moderate skills, you should be able to carefully open your player up and remove the excess adhesive.

Or you can send your player out to one of the services that rebuilds them. There are several to choose from.

Good luck!


Re: CD Issue (3/3)
 9/20/23 11:41pm
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Beacon, NY - USA

1994 convertible, arctic white, black top and interior. LT1 auto.

Joined: 11/29/2009
Posts: 43

I haven't used my CD player in a long time, but I recall having an issue when the battery voltage was low (but not low enough to cause other problems), the CD wouldn't play and wouldn't eject.  After the battery recovered, it worked normally.


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