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Topic: dash panel brightness

in Forum: C4 Interior

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dash panel brightness (1/4)
 12/1/16 4:18pm
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santa barbara, CA - USA

1992 corvette hatchback 1996 geo metro

Joined: 9/30/2016
Posts: 6

Any way to improve brightness of speed?
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Re: dash panel brightness (2/4)
 12/1/16 9:55pm
Hot Rod Roy
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Mission Viejo, CA - USA

Yellow '84 Coupe

Joined: 3/18/2015
Posts: 74

I see you have a '92 'vette.   I posted suggestions to try to help, but then discovered that my ideas were probably wrong for your '92.   I'ts always good to tell us about your car when you ask a question.   Have you checked the light bulbs in your speedo?   Welcome to the C4 Registry!


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Re: dash panel brightness (3/4)
 12/14/16 11:18am
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Scottsdale, AZ - USA

1988 Dark Red Metallic Convertible with sports seats, Delco/Bose radio system, Z52 suspension

Joined: 7/8/2014
Posts: 31

You should check with Batee.com about how to increase the brightness of you instrument cluster.  They have all kinds of fixes some of which you can perform yourself.

Re: dash panel brightness (4/4)
 8/28/17 8:27am
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Joined: 7/12/2017
Posts: 22

I fitted a strip of green led's behind my head (like Street Outlaws), this extra light turns up the display on my dash lcd's and the lighting doesn't detract from my vision of the world outside.

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