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Doorsill Carpeting Installation (1/2)
 9/12/20 7:21pm
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Steelton, PA - USA

1992 white roadster, removable glass top, red leather.

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I recently purchased and just received door sill carpeting for my 1992. The pieces are form pressed and are currently hanging from my stairway banister while they "unfold" and un-crease from their packed position. My Vette is in a storage garage some 18 miles from my house, so I have not had a chance to lay the new pieces atop the sills or check for fit in any way, but it appears they should go in nicely, including form fitting over the front stereo speakers. What I would like to know is if anyone has ever replaced the sill carpeting on their Vette and if so, are there any problems I can anticipate, panels to be removed, etc.? Any tips for proceeding would be hugely appreciated! The carpeting came from a U.S. outfit called Factory Interiors.



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Re: Doorsill Carpeting Installation (2/2)
 9/23/20 11:12am
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England, AR - USA

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Which backing to you buy?

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