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Topic: Rear view-mirror adjustment...

in Forum: C4 Interior

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Rear view-mirror adjustment... (1/4)
 4/17/24 12:07pm
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Shillington, PA - USA

1992 Convertible

Joined: 5/16/2022
Posts: 12

Ok, I've searched, but can't find any info on tightening the rear-view mirror. every time I hit a bump, it drops down to a different angle and I can't see behind me. Visibility is poor to begin with and this makes it dangerous to have to keep adjusting the mirror. I've looked and can't see any type of screws in the mirror hardware. '92 convertible.




Chuck Dugan

'92 Dark Red Metallic convertible.

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Re: Rear view-mirror adjustment... (2/4)
 4/18/24 10:38am
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Equinunk, PA - USA

1993 LT1 convertible triple black 4L60 2003 Zo6 Electron/Black 6 sp

Joined: 11/12/2017
Posts: 60

Hello, I have a 93' and it did the same thing. So... I took the screw out that held it to the swivel post and inserted a thin washer in the attachment point. Re inserted the screw and tightened it up. Seemed to work for me. 

Re: Rear view-mirror adjustment... (3/4)
 4/20/24 6:54pm
Bob DeCardenas
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Cocoa, FL - USA

1990 C4 convertible Polo green/tan interior&top 1991 C4 ZR-1 red/tan 2020 C8 coupe Rapid blue/silver stripe/red interior

Joined: 8/21/2022
Posts: 13

Looks like they didn’t leave any room for adjustments other than the day/night mirror. With all those wires it doesn’t make it any simpler to just replace the unit.

Re: Rear view-mirror adjustment... (4/4)
 5/4/24 10:05pm
snapper 23
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1991 corvette convertible, yellow in color, black interior with a 6 speed tranny..

Joined: 7/3/2011
Posts: 13

I had the same issue with my 1991 and I placed a small drop or thread lock fluid on the screw and reinserted it and made it tight.    I have had no issues for quite some time.  Only use the general thread lock fluid, I believe the permatex brand is blue in color.  

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