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Topic: Replacing broken window guide on my 95...help!! Fixed it!

in Forum: C4 Interior

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Replacing broken window guide on my 95...help!! Fixed it! (1/1)
 11/22/17 9:32pm
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Logansport, IN - USA

1979 Red L-82 Coupe 1995 White LT-1 Coupe

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I'm replacing the guide on the driver's door window.  Without the guide, the window wanders around and doesn't line up right.  I have the door panel off and the interior sheet metal panel loose. I can just get to the bolt that is holding the broken guide onto the bottom of the window glass. The bolt is fastened to the window on the back side by a plastic flange which acts as a nut. I'm afraid to clamp onto it for fear of breaking the glass. As a result, the bolt and flange just turns and won't come out. Has anyone faced this problem and solved it? Help!

Found out that there was a metal flange nut behind the plastic washer. It had two holes in it so I made a pin spanner and was able to hold the flange while I unscrewed the bolt. It was locked on with blue Loctite. Thank goodness it wasn't the red Loctite. I installed the new guide, reassembled the door, and all is good again. Wheww!

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