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Topic: 1996 CE

in Forum: C4 Special Editions Discussion

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1996 CE (1/4)
 1/14/14 12:44pm
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Joined: 9/19/2013
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I have an LT-4 6 spd, and a quick question.
I understand the LT-4 was only available with the 6 spd.
But was the 6 spd only available with the LT-4, or could a LT-1 get the 6 spd also.

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'96 CE LT4 27K miles; New Hawk ceramic pads, SS braided brake lines, plugs & wires, new waterpump. (so far)
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Re: 1996 CE (2/4)
 1/14/14 6:22pm
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, - Canada

1988 Convertable

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yes..the 6 speed was also available on the LT1. In fact the 6 speed was available after 88(last year for the Doug /Nash) starting in 89 on the L98.


Re: 1996 CE (3/4)
 8/10/14 9:12pm
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, - Canada

1996 Collector Edition Convertible LT4, F45 suspension, Black Interior, 57,000 KM or 36,000 miles, Original BC Canadian Car.

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My understanding is that in for the 1996 model year if you ordered a LT4 motor or 6 speed manual you ended up with both....it was like an option package, they went together. I have a 1996 CE Convertible Lt4 33,000 miles

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Re: 1996 CE (4/4)
 8/13/14 12:51pm
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Washington, MI - USA

1996 Collector Edition Coupe

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Correct, for 1996 ALL the LT1 engines were automatic transmission vehicles, and the LT4 came with manual transmission only.
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