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Topic: indy pace car

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indy pace car (1/5)
 5/31/13 5:48pm
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How can i tell if i have a original 1995 indy pace car edition, not a back yard home made one
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Re: indy pace car (2/5)
 5/31/13 6:37pm
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, - Canada

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"RPO number Z4Z" ....  Indy 500 Pace car Replica: (Convertible Only) 527 made....and only 20 of these went to Canada.
  Includes special Dark Purple and Arctic White paint; white convertible top special graphics and trim.
Oh and by the way..Welcome to the forum.

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Re: indy pace car (3/5)
 6/5/13 1:24pm
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Welcome to the forum. You may wish you had joined before your purchase. If you bought it for its looks, well that's purely a matter of taste. And as Pace cars go itís not that over the top. But, there are very, very, very few of us who donít think Pace car editions are the worst possible thing you can do to a 'vette. Or, any car for that matter. Extremely low cool factor.  If you bought it as an investment, there is an extremely limited market.  Iíve seen these editions on the televised car auctions with as little as 2 miles on the clock, twenty years old go for like 10k. They could have made more money in a passbook savings account over the same period. Itís not just Ďvettes. This also holds true for any brand they ďJazzed upĒ for a one day, onetime event.

Iím not making fun, or trying to beat you up here. Just letting you in on the general consensus. Or, heard thinking.

At least you didnít buy a í98 C5 Pace car edition. Purple people eater paint and yellow wheels? Look up hideous on Wikipedia. Thereís a picture of one. Now that I would beat you up on.

Good luck. Enjoy the ride. Save the wave.

Re: indy pace car (4/5)
 6/5/13 1:48pm
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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Look on the SPID label, either under the center console lid, or under one of the rear storage compartment lids. Looks the codes "Z4Z", which is the Indy Pacer ID, and look for the color codes "05" and "10", which is the Purple/White Pace car combo. The console lid can be changed, but, in reality, not many '95 Pacers have been forged.
Myself, I think the '95 is prolly the best looking Pacer of all of them. Don't know why, it just looks neat to me. Next to an '88 Anny, the '95 Pacer would be my second best choice of the  C4 era cars.
Welcome to C4VR, too! Thumbs Up


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Re: indy pace car (5/5)
 6/11/13 8:13am
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Frankenmuth, MI - USA

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Join the Pace Car registry and check the VIN.
Everyone that responded was correct your build sheet will have a Z4Z build code.


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