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Forum: C4 ZR1 & Grand Sport Discussion

For discussion of the C4 ZR1 and Grand Sport models

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ZR-1 windshield on auction...
    by Norsky 9/22/23 11:07pm
     Views: 60, Replies: 1
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1990 ZR-1
    by crossfire1984 6/17/15 10:48am
     Views: 4831, Replies: 8
Last Activity by: freiii 
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Where are the ZR-1s?
    by Norsky 3/19/09 9:56pm
     Views: 10979, Replies: 29
Last Activity by: Broke Ol Biker 
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$75,000 bid wins one of two surviving 1988 Corvette ZR-1 prototypes
    by Adam Wartell 12/21/20 1:30pm
     Views: 788, Replies: 0
Last Activity by: Adam Wartell
    12/21/20 1:30pm 

91 ZR1 Trans rattle
    by twry5515 6/25/20 7:01pm
     Views: 1777, Replies: 2
Last Activity by: Dave91TM 
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