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Topic: Coil Over Front Suspension

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Coil Over Front Suspension (1/4)
 2/20/12 8:32pm
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This was a job I did two years ago. My first upgrade was to Vette Brakes Sport package (front & rear) but after awhile I wanted more adjustability for the track. (Incidently, the OEM spring as a bunch more camber than the VB spring to make it nice and soft, so expect it to curl a lot more than you think and heed the warnings about unloading it to remove it.)
After a bunch of mock-ups (see the plastic lid template) I found there was no way the coil-over spring was going to clear the frame (hence the yellow marks). The bottom of the shock is bolted in the stock position with a bar available from QA1. Since the car has been lowered a fair amount, the upper shock mount needs to be made higher to get enough travel on the shock. After much banging with a big hammer and trial fits, it became obvious surgery was necessary and the hard part is making the decision to cut the shock mount at the top of the frame. In one picture, I stuck the piece back on because I didn't have a before picture.
Once past the point of no return, I used 3" square tubing to fab the new upper shock mount, moving the cross bolt up to lengthen the shock. Welded it in and reinforced the outer edge with 1x 1/8"steel bar strap at the outer edge down to the frame. Both shock mounts use shock bearings instead of the rubber mounts to tighten things up. Note, if you read the shop manuals, welding without disconnecting all the computer connections (and they don't mean just the battery) is supposed to be .....problematic. I guess I got lucky because I forgot to do so while being so involved in fitting things up.
Shocks are QA1 14" double adjustable with 12" -225 LB chrome springs. The A arms rest on the springs when the front end is lifted off the ground for shock removal but there is no issue (even with more than OEM trave) and stops have been added. That is the normal position of the spring adjusters in the pictures for current ride height. The spindle was jacked up to put the full weight on the spring for the picture.
Once painted with Duplicolor frame black, most people don't realize how far from stock this set-up is. Shock adjustability is great and nice to soften things for cruise nights and touring vs track days. Plus, ride height adjustments and corner weight changes are a breeze.  I kept the stabilizer bar that came with the Vette Brakes set-up but drilled and tapped it for the joints in the picture. That will go with a hollow one currently on order.
Rears have been done also but that's a different story entirely.

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Re: Coil Over Front Suspension (2/4)
 2/23/12 9:27am
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Huron, OH - USA

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Wow... that's taking DIY to a whole new level. I don't understand about 99% of the mechanics that go into suspensions but it's great to read about what folks do and why, thanks for sharing
btw, still get a kick outta that Ferrari emblem



Re: Coil Over Front Suspension (3/4)
 7/11/12 6:14pm
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galion, OH - USA

1984 base coupe 17,000 miles all original. very low production number.red on red 3853. pro num.

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wow, now thats the way to do it.. good jobClap


 Big smile

Re: Coil Over Front Suspension (4/4)
 9/22/12 6:59pm
dave s
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hi your coilover convertion looks great.  Question... are you still using the stock mono leaf spring?  give me a call I have a few more questions and some concerns  thanks  Dave 715-760-0770 
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