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Topic: Angel tuning remap - still worth it?

in Forum: General Automotive Discussion

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Angel tuning remap - still worth it? (1/2)
 10/23/17 12:09pm
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considering the highly acclaimed Angel Tuning remap on my 1.6hdi 110 (non dpf). 

Figure I'll be keeping the car for a good 2/3 years more at least and would love a little more power and a little less lag.

Question is am I too late? Car has done just over 80k but is absolutely sound and has had main dealer services throughout (it's 2009). Is it worth it at this stage or is the engine likely to not appreciate being 'pushed' now it's got a few miles on it? 

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Re: Angel tuning remap - still worth it? (2/2)
 11/1/17 12:02pm
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, - Canada

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Hello Jensen/Breck. Your questions do not seem to be Corvette related. I'm thinking that you are on the wrong forum board.


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