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Topic: Car Rentals

in Forum: General Automotive Discussion

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Car Rentals (1/3)
 1/27/10 11:02am
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Houston, TX - USA


Joined: 1/26/2010
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Hello Folks
I am flying in for a one day visit and I am shocked at the car rental rates at the airport. Can anyone suggest a off site rental company that has a shuttle from the airport. $280.00 for Tuesday at noon to 3:30pm the next day seems really high.Car rental is higher than flight from Austin.

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Car Rentals (2/3)
 1/27/10 12:52pm
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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Where are you flying in to?


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Car Rentals (3/3)
 1/27/10 2:06pm
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West Chester, PA - USA

1995 Torch Red Coupe

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You renting one of those Hertz Corvettes?  $280 for a day is Censored
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