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Topic: Honda Recalls 2.5 million cars...

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Honda Recalls 2.5 million cars... (1/1)
 8/5/11 8:45pm
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Perhaps some of youse folks have newer Honder cars and such....ya'll needs to take a look at this. We've been dealing with this crap for years now, and the truth is, 99% of the problem is not the software...it's DRIVER ERROR. However....if Mother Honder wants to reprogram the software to make it harder for certain folks to tear their cars up, that's otay too.Confused

Honda Recall Info

Trufe be told, the quality of Honda transmissions has been on the decline for about 10 years now. Still good units, but just not as good as they were...
The real problem is with the design of the trans, but it is the same basic design Honda has used since...welll....forever. It is NOT now, nor has it ever been a good idea to go from drive to reverse(or versa-visa) while moving in a Honda. Think of it as a non-synchronized standard transmission....because that's basically what it is, when you put it in reverse.


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