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Topic: Non American Muscle Cars

in Forum: General Automotive Discussion

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Non American Muscle Cars (1/3)
 4/12/11 4:28am
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1985 Corvette Coupe Red on Red RHD Z51

Joined: 3/11/2011
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          I know this is a Corvette forum/website and I hope you all realise how lucky you all are to be living in Muscle Car Heaven (AMERICA)

Us lesser car freak mortals can only drool about what you have in the good old US of A,how lucky you are.I received an email today from Adam Wardell asking me what I thought about the C4 Registry,thats hard to answer because I am not really computer savvy about this stuff but in all honesty I told him that with this forum I will never need to buy a workshop manual,and I think that is a fair statement,I can get all I need from forums like this,If I lived in America I would own a really filthy,snarling,shaking,growling big block Chev,fair dinkum!

I bought my C4 from a good mate who has been to America a dozen or so times,he has owned over the past 25 yrs 68 Corvettes,he loves C3's,big block Tri-Powers and at the moment he has a 68 convertible 350 SB with a supercharger,he purchased the car from Japan of all places,what a beast.But getting back to the post heading about non US of A Muscle well here in Australia in the late 60's early 70's we produced the fastest production car in the world and it was a Ford XY 351 Phase 3 GT Falcon,Holden (GMH) had their 350 SB engined Monaro Coupe and Mopar had a 6 cylinder Valiant Hemi Charger,the Charger so I am told is the only car in the world (ever) that produced the same Horsepower as it's cubic capacity (265ci/267hp) thats amazing.

I am quite sue there are other cars in the world that are mean as all hell,but nothing sounds as good as a CHEVVY.

Kind Regards Billy

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Non American Muscle Cars (2/3)
 4/12/11 9:19am
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Eagan, MN - USA

1994 Admiral Blue LT-1, Automatic, Black Interior; 1974 coupe, red, numbers matching L-48 4-speed; black interior

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very interesting...muscle cars in Australia all powered by American motors. The early C-1 Corvettes, circa 1956-1957 fuel injected V-8's produced very close to 1 horsepower per cubic inch.  The 327 fuel injected V-8, circa 1962, produced 375 HP.  Of course 427's were rated at 425 HP. Some of the older, stock, big block hemi's with the dual four barrel set up were rumored to produce in excess of 800 HP. Based on the way I have had my doors blown off by hemis over the years, I would be inclined to believe it. One question, is the gross horsepower or net horsepower.
Non American Muscle Cars (3/3)
 4/12/11 9:44pm
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

1985 Coupe-L98/Auto,Bright Red/Carmine. 1974 Coupe-L48/4speed, Medium Red Metallic/Black Deluxe.

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The Fuelie '57 Corvette made OVER one hp per inch, but not by much. Chevy decided to advertise it as One HP per Inch just because they thought it sounded better. They also claimed to be the first to have 1hp per inch, but Chrysler had already done it with the Hemi....it was never advertised, tho.
Ain't nuttin like an old muscle car for excitement!

Stock 426 Hemis ran in the 425-450hp range. My '66 2x4 Hemi Charger was 425hp factory rated. As with the L88, changing to headers, and doing some fine tuning would get it up to 450 or so easily. The L88, properly set up, would pump out 560 confirmed hp without opening it up anywhere. Getting that out of a Hemi required changing the intake, and other hardware.
No matter...those WERE the days! You had to be a MAN to drive a beast like that. Today, any 20 year old punk with cash can go down and buy a 500hp Corvette from the dealer....and go right out and wrap it around a tree. Then again I know of a few Boss 302 and Boss 429 Musturds that didn't survive more than week of teenage driver...
Adams' Apple2011-04-12 19:48:36


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