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Topic: Pics of Your Other Rides

in Forum: General Automotive Discussion

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Pics of Your Other Rides (1/2)
 1/23/16 5:59pm
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Crittenden, KY - USA

'86 Coupe Silver/Grey Manual Trans

Joined: 12/27/2015
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A few shots of my non-Corvette fleet.  I wasn't looking for a Corvette when I lucked up on my '86 coupe last month.  A few shots of it are farther down the forum ('86 Coupe).
The sunroof '04 R/T won it's class (best stock 2nd gen) at the Nat'l Neon gathering 3yrs in a row (N2K13, N2K14, N2K15).  It gave its life to save mine 28 June 2015 when I crashed it on my way home from the N2K15 meet.  ER docs were looking for a torn aorta from the impact/seatbelt when the CT scan revealed a mass inside my left kidney.  No pain, no blood in the urine and I had passed my annual fire dept physical including all blood work3mo prior.  Surgery was performed 05 Oct 2015 and the mass was cancerous.  I was truly blessed that the cancer was confined to the mass and they were able to successfully remove the mass and save the rest of the kidney.
The non-sunroof R/T is the replacement car.  It kinda found me in that it was listed on cars.com and I rode 5.5hrs on a Greyhound bus to get it and bring it home.  It had only 70k on it when I bought it.
The Wrangler is a '99 4.0L 5spd in gunmetal blue.  A friend decided to sell it and had it parked in front of his house.  It has both tops and a host of performance upgrades installed by the original owner.
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89CRX Hf (2/2)
 9/23/16 1:53pm
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If you're never out of control you're not driving fast enough  
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