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Topic: Shift Kit videos!

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Shift Kit videos! (1/1)
 12/2/09 8:44am
Adams' Apple
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For anyone attempting to install, or considering installing a "shift kit" in their trannysumissions, TransGo has come out with some helpful videos to aid in the installation. The videos are not meant to replace the written instructions that come with the kits, but to add a little more clarity.
Warning!!! The smallest video file is over 140mbs(and they are zipped files!), so those with dial-up, or really slow connections...faggeddaboutit!!
(I have DSL here at the shop, and it took over 30 minutes to d-load the vid for a 350 trans...)

Just thought I would throw this out there...it might give some folks an idea of what is involved in installing a "shift kit". Might also help to make the decision as to whether to do it yerself, or let someone else handle it.

                                        Shift Kit Videos


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