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Topic: Toyota Take-over of American racing...

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Toyota Take-over of American racing... (1/2)
 3/15/14 7:59am
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I've always know that racers were prostitutes. They will tell you their junk and their sponsors are the absolute best, then switch and do it again (not Carol Shelby of course). I don't understand the people that continue to buy into it thinking that it has to be "off-shore to be good". On the other hand, what are the big 3 thinking, abandoning motor sports and leaving the burden to privateers entirely while Porsche, Toyota and Al anabi take over road racing, (now) NASCAR and NHRA. The guys making the money off them have no hesitation (tracks and racing series included). I have no have no problem with off-shore teams competing, my problem is with them buying up the talent and not using their own junk to do it with ie., no nitro hemi was ever born outside of this continent, so what's a Toyota emblem doing on it? Put some Ferraris on the NASCAR circuit, I'd love to see that junk tore-up. Are their tuner cars that go, sure and some amazingly quick but they don't brand them as Chevys.

I've been thinking national racing is dead for awhile, it just doesn't know it yet. One day soon, it will be back to the working guys racing for fun and some idiot with too much money, will decide to spend "whatever it takes" and escalation race will begin anew....even if it's bicycles!

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Re: Toyota Take-over of American racing... (2/2)
 10/6/15 11:33am
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Whats just as bad is that ALL NASCAR cars run the Chevy R07 Engine....lol

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