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Topic: Variable Compression Ratio Engine

in Forum: General Automotive Discussion

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Variable Compression Ratio Engine (1/2)
 7/1/09 8:58pm
Adams' Apple
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This is another idea that has finally come to fruition...
Don't know how durable the design is, but the theory is definitely sound.
Again. like the Scuderi Engine I posted about, this one gets a little technical, but it is a neat set-up.

Variable Compression Ratio Engine


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Re: Variable Compression Ratio Engine (2/2)
 3/26/14 11:27am
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I guess a stroker would be a problem! What goes around....Amazing the lengths they will go to deal with issues unrelated to making power.

 I don't envy the guys trying to make the new LT-1 go. Going to be real expensive to hot-rod, all in the name of a (very) few miles/gallon. Considering the limited mileage most Vettes get, I don't see how the savings could ever cover the added cost. I know it's test bed for other platforms but it's becoming increasingly more difficult to play. Given the huge investment GM had to make to get direct injection and VVT to work, you have to be asking for trouble to mess with it. I've got enough trouble with OBD II, fuel and cam timing on my C4 thankyou. Ethanol solves a lot of pollution and compression problems, C6R and C7R run it, we need to go there! (if we ever get out of this ice age!)

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