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Topic: and speaking About Girl Scout Cookies...

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and speaking About Girl Scout Cookies... (1/3)
 4/14/09 8:52am
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When my daughter and her friend were selling cookies a couple of months ago, they were in a parking lot with my wife and her friends mom.
I get a call at home from my wife and the conversation goes as follows:
me: hello
her: hey, a guy in a black Viper (gen II) just pulled up and is purchasing 3 cases
me: very cool of him, but how is he going to get them home LOL
her: the girls were helping him get the cookies to his car and he told Kenzie (my daughter) to be careful and don't touch the car
my daughter's repsonse according to my wife: I know I know, my daddy has a cool car also and he tells me that all the time
viper guy: yeah? what does he have?
my daughter: he has a Corvette
viper guy (jokingly): well, you tell him that vipers rule and corvettes drool
me to wife: that's funny. this coming from a guy who drives a car shaped like a clown shoe
her: laughing
me: what's that noise in the background
her: oh, I have this on speaker phone and he is listening
me: *homer simpson* DOH * /homer simpson*
Gooch2009-04-14 07:54:25
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and speaking About Girl Scout Cookies... (2/3)
 4/14/09 11:05am
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That's freekin funny!!!


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and speaking About Girl Scout Cookies... (3/3)
 4/14/09 11:19am
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Viper vs. Z06 = ?????

Bet he dont want to answer that one.

His clown shoe better stick with everything below his gen. of car, because anything of his gen. will beat him like a broken bicycle.

Still LOL @ clownshoe........

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