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Photo Booth (1/4)
 2/26/11 11:09pm
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Hermitage, TN - USA

1990 C-4 Coupe Polo Green Saddle Interior L-98

Joined: 8/8/2010
Posts: 280

Sorry for the interuption but everyone needs a good giggle sometimes


Allan Brenneis Nashville Tn. 1990 Polo Green Coupe Saddle Interior Chrome ZR-1 Rims https://www.c4vetteregistry.com/member_uploads/14501_14600/14572/image2014329104347r.jpg

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Photo Booth (2/4)
 2/27/11 2:05am
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Decatur, IL - USA

1990 Dark Red on saddle coupe

Joined: 12/20/2009
Posts: 40

Now that's funny!Rolling On The Floor Laughing
Photo Booth (3/4)
 2/27/11 2:30pm
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Huron, OH - USA

1989 Red Convertible - 160,000 fun-filled miles -

Joined: 12/5/2009
Posts: 179

Hilarious, I needed a good laugh, thanks !



Re: Photo Booth (4/4)
 1/10/12 2:24am
Judge Roy Bean
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Bandera, TX - USA

one ea. 1996 LT1, red on gray interior, stroker 383 Dart heads w/ 2.02"int,1.60exeh 11.8:1, Comp Cam 230/236@50 .570/.576 113LSA , Crane 1.6:1`rocker arms, GM Delphi roller lifters HiFlo Cats, Xpipe and low restriction muffles, it sounds lumpy at idle!!!

Joined: 1/4/2012
Posts: 28

Thanks, I watched the show over and over. Then emailed to everyone I know! JRB
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