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Topic: Welcome Godabitibi!

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Welcome Godabitibi! (1/2)
 11/27/22 3:26pm
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 Corvette Red T-Top

Joined: 3/18/2009
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I would like to welcome Godabitibi to C4VR!

Claude is from Canada

Claude entered their Vette info as: Now a 87 convertible 4+3, before a 85 coupe auto, a 1989 black on red, a 2007 convertible edelbrock supercharged, 1980 red on red auto.

Thanks for signing up!

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Re: Welcome Godabitibi! (2/2)
 11/29/22 4:29pm
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, QC - Canada

Now a 87 convertible 4+3 manual, before a 85 red/red coupe auto, a 1980 black on red auto, a 2007 yellow/black convertible edelbrock supercharged, 1980 red on red auto.

Joined: 11/27/2022
Posts: 10

Thanks Adam, I'm new here but have owned a few vettes over the years. Contrary to many I'm not a C1 or C2 fanatic. I prefer the C3 and newer. I have always worked in the automotive industry and worked for Legendary Motor Cars in Toronto in 1991 and was lucky enough to work on a 1969 427/435 4 speed car which I think was the most impressive car I drove until then.

I use not to like the C4 but things have changed lately and they slowly growing on me. I purchased my first C4 last spring and kept it for a short time before selling it for a profit but was long enough to fall in love with the car. I really liked the way it behave and the feeling it gave me. So I regretted it as soon as I was gone. 

So I told myself I will keep eyes open for a convertible and if possible a manual trnsmission, which I knew was not very common. Well I found it a few weeks back.  Now my plan is to keep it for a little while and bring it to original condition as much as possible.



Anything with a motor that can be driven or piloted

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