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Topic: 1990 alarm system errors

1990 alarm system errors (1/1)
 7/17/17 6:43pm
safari hank
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1990 C4

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Hi guys. I have a 90 c4. Looking for any help on the what I assume is factory alarm. The alrm is no longer used nor needed. My problem is the car is fine for a few weeks on end, then randomly it activates a kill system on start up. Dash lights up fine, stereo etc all good. Just won't turn over, and an Inditcator relay clicks away for about 4-5 minutes. Aftermarket horn so that's on seperate system. Otherwise that would probably beep I'm guessing. Anyone know how to get rid of this issue? I'm in NZ so not so many American contacts here. Cheers lads.

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