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c4 6 speed tranny not going to reverse (1/3)
 7/23/19 2:06pm
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Smithtown, NY - USA

1994 Red with black interior Corvette Coupe, 37000 miles, 6 speed, Polished and ported heads, long tube headers with Corsa exhaust.

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Need help. This morning I was backing up down my driveway and heard a ping sound coming from my transmission. I then noticed I had no reverse. Now the tranny has all forward gears but it will not click into reverse. Does anyone know what this could be. I think the reverse syncro assembly is broken. Can any one help?


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Re: c4 6 speed tranny not going to reverse (2/3)
 7/24/19 8:59am
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Atchafalaya Basin, LA - USA

Black 1979 L-82 Black 1996 LT1 Black 1999 Coupe

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When you jacked it up and inspected all the linkage; what did you find?

Re: c4 6 speed tranny not going to reverse (3/3)
 8/16/19 8:06am
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Franklinville, NJ - USA

1988 35th Anniversary 1993 Z07 40th Anniversary

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Is your reverse lockout lifting? I recently had same symptom, my reverse lockout lock bolt had loosened up and the rod pulled out of the lockout mechanism. 

I made a video to show it. Easy fix. Hope it works for you.