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Topic: 1993 crank no start

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1993 crank no start (1/2)
 8/23/19 10:36pm
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Renton, WA - USA

1993 Black Rose Metallic glass top

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Just picked up this 1993 Black Rose metallic auto car on Sunday the battery and it was toast when I picked it up hasn't moved in 2 years, I put a jump box on it it started several times as we're loading it onto the trailer got home and it started up again ran perfectly fine revved okay no stutter no stumble running like a champ, I worked on Monday put a battery in it on Tuesday now just cranks and doesn't start. Being that it cranks I guess I can rule out the Vats system I didn't get a chance to check for spark and my injector pulse tester is missing so I'm waiting for a new one to show up anything else I should check for while I'm under the hood?

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Re: 1993 crank no start (2/2)
 8/27/19 1:44pm
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I just fixed my problem car has run great all summer Sunday we took a 2 hour ride all was good on Monday went to start it to go to a car show it would not hold and idle kept shutting off. I taped on the fuel pump relay and it started right up went for a short ride all was good I just replaced the relay got one for 14.99 at auto zone we will see. There are real experts here but I just wanted to let you know hope all is well with your car. 



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