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Topic: Door courtesy-light switches

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Door courtesy-light switches (1/2)
 3/26/20 11:41am
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Phenix City, AL - USA

1985 Chevrolet Corvette VIN: 1G1YY0789F5107057 photographs to follow.

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Hello all.  I'm putting my rescued C4 back together slowly but surely.  Both of my door courtesy-lights have defective switches(the small one under the lens that is 'pushed' to turn the light on or off.  Does anyone know of a source of replacements?


I also need the passenger-door hatch-back release switch:



I ALSO need two "door lock/unlock" switches, and two "window up/down" switches. 

Lastly(for the electrical) I want to replace the fancy-schmancy "USB AM/FM CD" radio with a stock '85 Corvette radio.  Does anyone have one laying around for sale?


Rick Baran


USN 1982-2007. 

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Re: Door courtesy-light switches (2/2)
 4/3/20 2:31pm
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