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Topic: Do you have any plans to work on your C4 this spring?

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Do you have any plans to work on your C4 this spring? (1/4)
 4/22/20 8:59am
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 Corvette Red T-Top

Joined: 3/18/2009
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With all the down time we all have with so many Corvette shows cancelled and spending so much time at home, what do you have planned for your C4 Corvette this spring?

Giving it a good detailing? What are your favorite products for that?

Doing any exterior mods/repairs? Share the details.

Inside in need of changes? Maybe new carpet? Let us know.

How about the engine, trans, exhaust, or other mechanical parts?  

Give us something to read - tell us what you're up to with your C4 and share pictures too!


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Re: Do you have any plans to work on your C4 this spring? (2/4)
 5/5/20 12:41pm
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West Branch, MI - USA

1991 Red convertible

Joined: 9/25/2016
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I put a new stereo in my 91 convertible with a Bose system in it. It was a project once I started that I wish I hadn't. lol Turned in to one huge project. The previous owner had apparently taken the front speakers totally out and had to put in just regular speakers there for the time being. The amp on the left rear was bad and I didn't know they had taken the fronts out so I ordered 3 of the amps and really only needed one. The first radio I put in it worked for 2 days and then the audio failed in it and they sent me another to put in and that one seems to be fine. I had taken the dash out and rebuilt it and it was working fine and you could read it and after I put the new radio in the speedo doesn't work anymore. So now it's back to the drawing board to try and figure out what went wrong there.  Like I said, should have just left well enough alone and used my bluetooth speaker instead of putting a new radio in. lol  But the new radio is neat as it has bluetooth and also GPS so it's quite an upgrade. So that's my spring project so far.


Re: Do you have any plans to work on your C4 this spring? (3/4)
 5/5/20 6:54pm
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, - Canada

1993 40th Anniversary Black Rose LT-1 ZF 6-speed (now sold) 1986 Coupe L-89 Silver/Beige Automatic (just sold) 1985 Coupe Metallic Grey Automatic L-89 Cast Iron Heads

Joined: 5/16/2019
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Just got my '86 back on the road this past Saturday! Pulled the exhaust system, dropped the driveshaft, and changed out the pesky rear tailshaft seal that had dried out. It leaked out a load of fresh Dexron II that I put in along with a new trans filter last summer. Discovered the mess about a month ago, so up in the air we go, and out came the tools. New seal, new u-joints, (might as well since it's out anyways) and a new set of mufflers, (one was a little shaky) and I'm back out in time for the nicer weather. The only down side is that I am just not as spry as I once was, so it was a bit of a challenge when it comes to the old muscles and achy bones. The body is 64...the brain is thinks it's 34! Therein lies the problem!



Re: Do you have any plans to work on your C4 this spring? (4/4)
 5/14/20 12:49pm
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Lerna, IL - USA

1984 Coupe med blue 1984 Coupe red 1984 coupe silver parts car 1985 coupe silver 1985 coupe red 1985 coupe med blue 1986 coupe red parts car 1996 coupe green

Joined: 2/19/2020
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You and I are apparently just alike. My body is also 64 and the brain still thinks it's 34. Yeah, my arms hurt all the time too!

  I started sanding down my latest "find" from back in February 2020, a really cheap '84 that needed -everything- and had been sitting for a number of years. To it's credit, it had not been screwed with mechanically, it was 95% complete, and everything but one piece appeared to be original equipment, so it looked like a good one to try and get running and practice some painting skills on before I reshoot an '85 I have here in much better shape all over. I knew when I got this '84 that it had about four layers of paint piled on top of each other and none of them done real well, it had paint cracks and spiderwebbing all over, but what I did not see was a bondo skim coat that I thought was only on the hood, but it completely covered the whole car, and another shot of white and clear over that just for good measure. They must have been changing the color on this car every so often to hide it from the re-po guys in south Chicago, which is where it came from. It started out as a code 23 medium blue metallic, then it became a teal blue color, then bright red, and then white. None of it taped off real well either, there's overspray of all colors everywhere. I have disassembled the car way more than the picture shows now, it's practically down to a running shell.

 Before and recent shots of the project....$30 worth of DA sandpaper and two months later this is where I've gotten to. Actually I've went a little farther than the sanded off pictures show, everything is back to the factory primer and blue except the lower parts of the driver door and the the left rear quarter as of right now. We're going back to the original code 23 blue, hopefully we'll be painting by June. When I picked the car up, the interior was missing the seats, the sun-cooked steering wheel had dripped goo out of it onto the column and then down into the floor, a Hurst shifter handle had been grafted onto the automatic stick, the carpeting was toast, but I had plenty of spare pieces from another '84 automatic car I bought last year that had the front end burned off it and most of the interior pieces it needed have now been swapped in. I got the engine in the project car running with a battery and a positive cable replacement, and although it leaks oil like a sieve out the front crank seal and the brakes barely work, the car seems to run well and shift through all the gears fine. So initially once I knew it was going to be driveable and wanted to live, the decision was made to save it instead of part it out. When the car gets prettier and I have something decent to show everybody, I'll be back.

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