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Topic: C4 values

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C4 values (1/2)
 5/26/20 7:59pm
Gary Mink
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I have a 1996 LT4 convertible with documented 9009 miles.  It's stickered (back in the day) at $49,000 but truthfully, I don't have any idea of the current value.  I am not in the market to sell the car, simply curious as to it s value.  It is truly a time capsule.  100% original except new leather seat covers and visors.  Even the tires are original-no dry rot. All electronics work perfectly.  I just posted pictures.  Torch red with torch red interior and white top.  Anyone have an idea of value?  

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Re: C4 values (2/2)
 5/29/20 9:13am
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You can go on Hagerty and see what they value your car.  There are many websites that have Corvettes for sale.  I hope you are not driving on your original tires they may show no dry rot but those tires are not safe but by the looks of your mileage you do not drive it much.  take stay safe!!!! 



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