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Topic: 2015 Vette Registries Member Calendar now on sale!

2015 Vette Registries Member Calendar now on sale! (1/1)
 11/21/14 4:47pm
Adam Wartell
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Due to the limited number of usable entries that were received for C3VR, C4VR & C6VR, this year - for the first time - I've created a calendar that combines the three registries together.  (Actually had 1 entry for C7VR, but it wasn't usable).  So, for 2015 you can enjoy 3 different generations of Vettes each month.

Thanks to all those that submitted photos!

You can order yours right now and you should have it in plenty of time to use as a holiday gift for your friends and family!

IF YOU ORDER RIGHT NOW, you can save 30% off as many copies as you would like!! So instead of the regular $19.99 you'll pay only $13.99 each!! (Plus tax and shipping)   


So, get ordering!

You can view the entire calendar on the order page. Click the "Preview" link that appears just under the cover photo on the order page.

Order the Vette Registries Member Calendar now from our Lulu store:

Here are all our calendars:
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