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Topic: 2020 C4VR Member Calendar Now Available!

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2020 C4VR Member Calendar Now Available! (1/1)
 11/9/19 4:47pm
Adam Wartell
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Thanks to the over 30 submissions that were received, we were able to create a beautiful calendar for 2020 featuring C4 Corvettes owned by members of C4 Vette Registry.

This is a 12-month calendar that includes holidays for the USA and Canada.
Below is a list of members that were selected to be featured in the 2020 calendar:

  • Cover:  destoy, 1992 Black Rose Metallic Coupe
  • January:  Black'95, 1995 Black Coupe
  • February: melthom, 1996 Arctic White Convertible
  • March: dakleenupman, 1992 White Coupe & 1990 Black Convertible
  • April: NickWilson, 1990 Bright Red, Coupe
  • May:  MrCavalier, 1986 Black Coupe
  • June: BoggledOne, 1991 White Coupe
  • July: Golddigger, 1985 Gold Metallic Coupe
  • August: Carmichaels89, 1989 Silver Metallic Coupe
  • September: Philly86Coupe, 1986 Silver/Black Coupe
  • October: D.R. Grant, 1986 Dark Beige Metallic Convertible Pace Car
  • November: 96CEconv, 1996 Sebring Silver Convertible Collectors Edition
  • December: Our-83, 1984 Classic White Coupe

You can preview and purchase the 2020 C4VR Member Calendar directly from Lulu, who produces and ships the calendars on demand. (To preview the calendar, look for the "Preview" link under the photo of the cover on the Lulu page).

If you like C3s too, you may be interested in the 2020 C3VR Member Calendar too.

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