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2020 Calendar Submissions needed by 10/31/2019! (1/2)
 9/30/19 10:30am
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 Corvette Red T-Top

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We will be putting together a 2020 C4VR Member Calendar. It will be a 12 Month Calendar featuring C4VR Members' C4s!  They would be similar to the ones we created here:

We need your photos!!! 

Please read this ENTIRE post BEFORE submitting your photo. Especially the part about photo file quality!!

Submission deadline is 10/31/2019!

Rules for submission:
Follow these rules very carefully! If any rule is ignored or information requested is missing, your entry will be discarded.

All submissions will be reviewed and judged on the following criteria:
  1. Quality THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!  The image file must be of a substantial quality in regards to DPI (eg. 300) and Resolution (eg. 1760x1168). The higher these numbers are, the better it will look when printed, especially on a calendar. You'll probably need a 2.1 megapixel camera or better, set at the highest quality setting possible.
    A good clue to picture size is the size of the photo file. If the file is greater than 2,000 bytes (or 2MB), then it is likely big enough. Any smaller, is likely unusable!
    *** THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON PHOTOS ARE NOT SELECTED!! *** If your photo is not the proper size, it will be rejected no matter how pretty it is!

  2. Artfulness - The image should be tasteful and free of anything that would detract from the Vette. For example, no people, no other cars, no business signsExamples of good backgrounds are: open fields, a park, a tree-lined 2-lane road, your driveway, etc.

  3. Framing - Framed so that the entire Vette is in the picture. It can be taken from any angle except straight on of the rear.

  4. Scenery - The prettier the background, the better. Plus, keep in mind that we'd like to have season appropriate photos. For example, a background of trees turning color in the fall; trees and flowers blooming in the spring; snow covered roadway in the winter, etc.
The more of these criteria that you meet, the more likely your photo will be used.
Submission info:
  1. You may send One (1) to Three (3) photos.
  2. In the body of your email, specify the following information:
    • Your C4VR Member Name (name with which you log into the site)
    • Model Year
    • Exterior Color Name
    • Engine Type (eg. L48) and/or Size (eg. 350/174hp)
    • Any special type (eg. Collector's Edition, Silver Anniversary, etc)
    • Year Purchased
    • Where photo was taken, if you think it is worthy of mention
    • How you want your name to appear
    • How you want your location to appear

The more of these criteria that you meet, the more likely your photo will be used.

If you have any questions, please email PM me


Send your submission to: CalendarREMOVETHIS@C4VetteRegistry.com
MAKE sure to take out "REMOVETHIS" from the email address! This is for SPAM protection!

Submission deadline is 10/31/2019!

If you send an email to address above and it is not bounced back (returned) to you, then I DID receive it.  There is no need to send me a separate email asking if I got it.

If your submission does not get selected, you will NOT be contacted.  I simply do not have time to send everyone an email.  

If your submission IS selected, you may not be notified directly.  You will have to check the page that is created for ordering the calendar once it has been completed.

Thanks and good luck!

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Re: 2020 Calendar Submissions needed by 10/31/2019! (2/2)
 10/7/19 2:44pm
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waterloo, IA - USA

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My 1994 Coupe. Gene Laughlin