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Topic: What do you LOVE about your C4?

in Forum: Official C4 Vette Registry News and Information

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What do you LOVE about your C4? (1/6)
 2/8/24 10:51am
Adam Wartell
Standard Member
C4VR Founder
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 Corvette Red T-Top

Joined: 3/18/2009
Posts: 4881

What are the reason(s) you love your C4?

Would you ever consider getting a different generation, or is C4 the only one for you?

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Re: What do you LOVE about your C4? (2/6)
 2/8/24 4:54pm
Standard Member
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Ephrata, PA - USA

1995 Std Coupe Dark Purple Metallic Auto Trans Z07 Suspension Just under 23K miles (7.7.13)

Joined: 7/7/2013
Posts: 51

When I was 11 yrs old, waaaaay back in 1953, I saw the first Corvette on the street, and knew I had to have on of those cool things;  well, mortgages, kids, college for kids, you know, kinda slowed acquiring one until 58 yrs later when I found my 1995 Dark Purple Metallic Z07 Coupe with only 16K miles on it.  Just love the car and it is a great car for touring as it can easily hold enough luggage for myself and my wife for 10 to 14 day road-trips.  It has been to the National Corvette Museum and Graceland twice, a roughly 2,000 mile round trip, and many, many car shows.

I really want to keep this one forever, although I think the ultimate Corvette is the C6;  since i cannot afford (and don't have room) for 2 Corvettes, I am very content and pleased with this one.

A real hoot to drive, and I get lots and lots of smiles and thumbs up when I drive it.




The C4 is LOVE at first sight and it has such a great history (3/6)
 2/10/24 2:30pm
Bob DeCardenas
Standard Member
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Cocoa, FL - USA

1990 C4 convertible Polo green/tan interior&top 1991 C4 ZR-1 red/tan 2020 C8 coupe Rapid blue/silver stripe/red interior

Joined: 8/21/2022
Posts: 19

After 15 years of the C3 design of which I owned three I was looking for another Vette. The C4 skipped the year ‘83, disappointed I switched to a Porsche. It took several years to realize the C4’s true beauty and the reason they chose the design lines, It is smooth and sexy in its own way with a lot of new features. To me the ‘90 with its glove box, digital/analogue gauges, “salad shooter” wheels and last year for the “shark gills” was great. My ‘90 Polo green/tan top/tan interior turns heads. My “Bright red”/tan ‘91 ZR-1 doesn’t turn heads until you open that beautiful hood and the massive LT5 shows how awesome it is. Oh Yes!

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Re: What do you LOVE about your C4? (4/6)
 2/11/24 1:53pm
Standard Member
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Middleville, MI - USA

Bought my Vette!👍😎

Joined: 12/11/2022
Posts: 25

I searched for about a year on what Corvette I wanted.  I decided on the C4 and C5 as I am old school and love the pop up headlights.  I narrowed down to the C4 and then the Collector Edition because of it being the only year with the LT4 in a manual and was under rated for horsepower as to not step on the foot of the new C5 coming out  Everytime I drive " Wicked Lady" she puts a smile on my face😎


|UPDATED|2/11/2024 10:53:11 AM (AZT)|/UPDATED|


Joseph Booher

Re: What do you LOVE about your C4? (5/6)
 2/21/24 1:32pm
Standard Member
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Caldwell, ID - USA

Black 1987 Corvette Engine-383, 450 HP. Transmission- 700R4 with shift kit and 2300-2500 monster torque converter Wheels- 9 1/2 front, 11" rear.

Joined: 11/26/2017
Posts: 4

I like the looks of the C4. I've added the 11" rear wheels and 9 1/2" front like the ZR1. Looks great from the rear with that wide stance. I put in a well-built 383 engine in and love the horsepower it has. I have all the acceleration of the new Corvettes. My next choice would probably be a C5 because it looks very close to the C4.

Re: What do you LOVE about your C4? (6/6)
 2/23/24 10:10pm
Standard Member
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West Burke, VT - USA

SOLD - "The Beast" - '90 ZR-1 (#682)
SOLD - "The Toy" - '70 Convertible
SOLD - "Betty" - '28 Ford Model A Tudor
Still have - "BLKBRRD" - '78 Pontiac Trans Am

Joined: 3/18/2009
Posts: 198

Initially wasn't a fan of the C4 generation.  But then my bride spied a red/red C4 coupe at a car show and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  Turned out it was a ZR-1.  Several years later a red/red '90 ZR-1 came up for sale near us and she suggested we go check it out.  That initial test drive hooked me BIG time!  We owned "The Beast" for 10 years and saw a lot of the USA in that Chevrolet...!!!  It was the best road-trippin' car we've ever owned.  A silver/silver '96 CE coupe with the LT4 would be tempting for the the next Corvette but I think I'd lean more towards a C6 with the LS3 ('08-'13).


Jim Olson

"The Toys"...!!!  Save the Wave! 

 Where I've been in a Corvette...!!!

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