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Topic: Site Functions Up and Running...

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Site Functions Up and Running... (1/2)
 10/19/11 11:19am
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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The "Search" function, and the P/Ms are now back up and running, for those that have been wondering when they would be working again. The change in the forumware has caused some of the functions everyone has grown to love to not work. Adam has been working feverishly to get everything back to "Normal".....it's still gonna take a little longer to get some of it back...Please be patient! Be sure to READ the comments/directions on the search page, and enter all of the info needed to complete the search!

And...Thanks, Boss!! Thumbs Up


Joel Adams  
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Re: Site Functions Up and Running... (2/2)
 10/21/11 10:25am
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Huron, OH - USA

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Thanks Adam / Joel... I know what it takes to build and maintain large web sites and your time and expertise is much appreciated!Thumbs Up



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