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Topic: Starting Threads in Correct Forums

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Starting Threads in Correct Forums (1/1)
 10/14/10 11:46am
Adams' Apple
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Hey folks,
Please check to be sure you are starting a new thread in the proper forums. We have several available forum titles to accommodate just about any subject, and then we have the "General" forum for discussions that just don't quite fit into any of the specific forums.
For instance, if you have a question/comment/info relating to engines, please use the Engine forum. This would include anything related to the engine, such as ignitions, heads/valves, EGR systems, etc.
Tire/wheel discussions should be in the Handling Components forum, as would anything to do with the brakes, or suspension.
Using the proper forum allows the subject to be seen/looked at by the most members. Some folks may not look in the "General" forum that much, so if you place a thread about fuel issues, it may not be seen by everyone, and the feedback might not be as good as it could be if the thread is in the proper forum.

 C4VR doesn't have that many different forums available, unlike other sites that are a nightmare to navigate. Please help us help you by creating your new threads in the correct forums. Mods and Admin will move the threads if necessary, but your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.


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