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Topic: Any XBOX360 Live Users?

in Forum: Off-Topic (no Humor posts)

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Any XBOX360 Live Users? (1/2)
 3/25/09 5:23pm
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My kids got me an XBX360 for online games...I stick to call of duty 4 & 5 (Modern Warfare and World At War).

I really like online game play vs. SPS....its a great stress reliever for an old geezer like me....LOL


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Add me, but, make sure to put a message that you are from the forum...seems like everything else online, the spammers have found XBOX as a resource.....Angry

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Any XBOX360 Live Users? (2/2)
 3/25/09 8:31pm
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I have a Wii.
Dang that thing makes you work out. Never really considered myself a video gamer, but I kind of like this system. 
Gooch2009-03-27 04:34:14
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