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Topic: Corvette Mods

in Forum: Off-Topic (no Humor posts)

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Corvette Mods (1/1)
 6/5/17 12:28pm
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Lahaina, HI - USA

1986 Roadster

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Don't buy anything from this company, I ordered brake pads and the ones they sent me are are about 2" bigger than the pads on the Car. front brakes, I sent them pictures of the old ones sitting by the ones the sent me, night and day difference, and they say they shipped the right ones, I finally ordered a set from Amazon and they were identical to the old ones and fit perfect. So I sent these bozo's pictures of my old pads, the new ones from Amazon and the ones they sent me all sitting together and they still maintain they sent me the right ones and wont refund my money. You don't have to be a F1 Tech to see these are the wrong pads.

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