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Topic: my bagger

in Forum: Off-Topic (no Humor posts)

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my bagger (1/1)
 3/18/13 10:31am
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galion, OH - USA

1984 base coupe 17,000 miles all original. very low production number.red on red 3853. pro num.

Joined: 5/31/2012
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heres a pic of my 2012 Harley Electra glide.( 125 hp) to the rear wheel. 115 ft of torque cant wait to ride. engine was built by Jon miller racing in upper Sandusky Ohio. theils wheels Harley Davidson. not bad for a 103 cubic inch stock engine. stock motor only has 62 hp at the crank and 70 ft pounds of torque. Jon miller has several records and also the worlds fastest v45 pro gas Harley in the world. just thought i share my Harley with you all. jonneyone 


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