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Topic: NASCAR's Getting Desperate

in Forum: Off-Topic (no Humor posts)

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NASCAR's Getting Desperate (1/4)
 4/4/09 4:49pm
Black Shark
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Used to be a person would struggle to get tickets to a race.

I seen after todays Nationwide Race an advertisement for tickets available for upcoming races...seems to be plenty..

Back when Iron Head was racing and the 24 was winning practically everything, only a few tickets were bought during the year, they were almost sold out every race months in advance.

Nobody likes Kyle Busch, maybe thats why...lol

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NASCAR's Getting Desperate (2/4)
 4/4/09 10:28pm
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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Perhaps everyone has learned what I've known for years...."People who drive in circles never get anywhere..."

Who knows..the economy is effecting more and more of us "po folk"....some might not have the $$$ to spend on a race weekend...


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NASCAR's Getting Desperate (3/4)
 4/5/09 11:55am
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Career Cul-De-Sac, TX - USA

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Real drivers turn left and right...
Re: NASCAR's Getting Desperate (4/4)
 4/14/12 1:29am
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Castro Valley, CA - USA

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To many Toyotas,  ( one is to many)  to many Bushes. Needs more moonshine runing red neck good old boy you hit me I hit you back harder type drivers.
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