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Topic: Please help AMW catch a Killer

in Forum: Off-Topic (no Humor posts)

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Please help AMW catch a Killer (1/1)
 9/9/09 12:24pm
Adams' Apple
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A friend from another Forum has asked for help in getting their story on America's Most Wanted in order to help catch his killer.

Eric Laufer was killed after he was struck by and SUV while riding on his motorcycle in North Austin on highway 183. The driver of the SUV was an illegal alien, who drug the bike for over a mile before fleeing the scene.

Here's a link to the story.
http://www.kvue.com/news/top/stories/09 ... f4ae7.html

What his sister is asking is that anyone who can spare a moment on September 10th to email the following AMW contacts ( lheflin@amw.com , amann@amw.com , skatz@amw.com , vking@amw.com ) with "Eric Laufer Story" in the subject line about how you think that airing Eric's story will help catch his killer.

She wants to make sure all the emails are sent on September 10th in order to make an impact. She's offered to send you a reminder when the time gets close and if you want a reminder just send an email to ericlauferstory@yahoo.com with "I'm on board" and she will send a reminder on the morning of Sept. 10th.

As far as I can tell, AMW is considering the story half-heartedly, they may just need a little push in the right direction.

Thanks y'all.


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