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Topic: WARNING!! Hotmail Phishing scam

in Forum: Off-Topic (no Humor posts)

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WARNING!! Hotmail Phishing scam (1/1)
 5/13/09 8:48am
Adams' Apple
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I got a message from "Window Live Team"(notice the spelling) this morning stating our Hotmail account was deleted, and I would need to verify all my info to re-instate the account. It looked too suspicious to me, so I checked it out with Microsoft....

Watch out for stoopid crap like this...the example shown on the Microsoft page is exactly the one I got. I noticed the return e-mail addy was for something like joeblowfineart@hotmail.com...that's what really tipped me off it was a phish fry....
This may be old news to some, but it is apparently STILL going around...

Just a friendly public service announcement...you will now be returned to your regularly scheduled program....


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