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Topic: 1985 LT-1 Light Bronze Metallic

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1985 LT-1 Light Bronze Metallic (1/1)
 9/24/20 8:32pm
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Parma Hts, OH - USA

1985 Light Bronze Metallic, 700R4, 1992 LT1 engine, 170K+ miles.

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Well, its been a while since ive posted in this group, so here are some recent photos of my Light Bronze Metallic 1985 LT-1. The LT-1 was installed in 1992 as a new crate engine with zero miles. The Light Bronze paint is about 80% original, it has had a couple minor repairs. The wheels are 1985 vintage Riken wheels in the correct C4 size and offset. The car has just turned 190,000 miles, with 82,000 on the LT-1.

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