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Topic: Alive after 17 year sleep

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Alive after 17 year sleep (1/1)
 6/15/21 11:18pm
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Brockton, MA - USA

1990 LINGENFELTER 383 CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE, AUTOMATIC, Lingenfelter Package, Borla Exhaust, Bosch injectors, etc.

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Sat for 17 years in our garage. Forced to move it out of the garage one cold winter when power went out for 5 days, and our oil burner was leaking water after power was restored. Had to get the new oil burner in through the garage. Charged the battery, tried cranking, and only a couple cylinders fired. Charged battery, got another couple cylinders to fire. after a couple more charging's, it stayed running. of course the headlight housings wouldn't work, because the plastic had crumbled to dust it the housings. after getting new metal replacements off Ebay, they worked fine. Now, we drive it all the time. Still has 2 original tires after 30 years. We did change 2 on the front. It runs fine. that 383 really runs great. Only about 45 K on it now. The back window is junk. Shops want 1000.00 to fix it. I guess I just keep the top down. A/c is actually still working after 30 years. Amazing.

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