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Black'95 (1/2)
 3/26/20 8:55am
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Roscoe, SD - USA

1995 Coupe (black)

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I got my '95 back in 2012 after driving across most of South Dakota looking at four different C4's.  It was not a garage queen and had a few things for me to work on, so I purchased the three volume service manual from eBay and went to work on it.  Had a lot of fun wrenching on it and driving it.  I have been to 5 of the last 6 Black Hills Corvette Classic rallies in Spearfish, SD starting in Sioux Falls and joining the 300-400 car caravan across the state on I-90 with a speed limit of 80 MPH. 

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Re: Black'95 (2/2)
 3/27/20 6:25am
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Black 1979 L-82 Black 1996 LT1 Black 1999 Coupe

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