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Topic: My 86 Special Plce in My Heart

My 86 Special Plce in My Heart (1/7)
 3/14/11 6:37pm
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Bensalem, PA - USA

1986 Silver Beige

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My 1986. In May 2009 I had a heart attack just shy of my 48th birthday.  I have wanted a vette since I was ten years old. My neighbor had a 63 coupe and I fell in love!  After I got out of the hospital I decided that I wanted to get a vette before it was to late. That being said I was still dragging my feet until August 2009. On my way to work one morning I passed about 8 vettes on my way to work ( which is rare in my neck of the woods). I went to an upscale used car lot onlne that I passed every night on my way home from work, but never stopped in. I saw this car at a great price with only 53K miles on it. It was love at first site! It looked like the prior owner had let it sit in the sun forever. Paint and interior faded and some rubber dry rot. I purchased car and had repainted and new carpet, seats, tires, weather seals etc.  This past January I ended up in the hospital again and found out un expectantly that I needed heart bypass surgery. I got out in Feb and started working on my next project ( i was housebound for 6 weeks). I am having clean up on engine compartment. This includes having plenum/ TPI removed and cleaned up, valve covers removed and powder coated.  Vortex Rammer, tune up repaint on engine. I am also getting some more interior work done on plastic moldings in the car and s refurbished T top. Spending some of my retirement funds now just in case! I am blessed to have an understanding wife that has encouraged me in this project every step of the way! Looking forward to other stories from members in this area.
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My 86 Special Plce in My Heart (2/7)
 3/14/11 9:06pm
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Joined: 8/9/2010
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Get well and go for it
My 86 Special Plce in My Heart (3/7)
 3/14/11 9:29pm
Crazy Jed
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Cohutta, GA - USA

1992 Aqua Metallic Coupe, 6 Speed Manual 1974 Silver Mist L82 Coupe, 4 Speed Manual

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Great looking car Bobarino! I'm 48 also.... Get well soon and gun it!
Re: My 86 Special Plce in My Heart (4/7)
 12/4/14 2:06am
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1986 C4 Corvette Coupe, Medium Blue Metallic

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Good on you, all the best & go well

Re: My 86 Special Plce in My Heart (5/7)
 3/26/15 11:45am
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Henrico, VA - USA

1985 corvette base. Red with red interior l98 4+3 42000 miles

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Hope all is well and congrats on the vette got to live while your able.to enjoy it.
Re: My 86 Special Plce in My Heart (6/7)
 12/4/16 11:05am
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Great story about your corvette and what drove you to own one.  I just turned 73 and have always been a car nut I have owned 60's mussel cars when they were just transportation, VW bugs some kit cars and a pain in the ass TR6. So one week ago I talked with my wife and said I always wanted a corvette but priorities always took center stage.  She said go for it while you can still get in and out of it.  I came upon a 1988 red convertible that just called my name it had 68000 on the odometer and the tires were hard as a rock, the rest of the car was in fantastic shape the top was like bran new.  I paid way more than the car is worth but there is no fool like an old fool.  My wife was just diagnosed with early alzhiemer's and so spending time together is a major priority. I love the car we have only gone for 3 to 4 rides as I have put my baby to bed for the winter. This summer we intend to use it a lot and attend social events on corvettes.

Take care and keep on driving and yes I spent some of my retirement money and it is well worth it.

Al and Diane.                                                   



Re: My 86 Special Plce in My Heart (7/7)
 12/14/16 5:17pm
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great story bobarino -- tnx for sharing. Congrats on one fine looking vette she's a beauty and I'm sure you'll have many enjoyable miles in her.
Looks like u brought her back to sparkling condition......well done.
Best of luck with your recovery
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