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Topic: My 86'

in Forum: Show off your C4!

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My 86' (1/2)
 9/6/17 3:48pm
Red Racer
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Independence, MO - USA

Near Mint 86' with 78K. Flame Red with Black Leather. Zoom, Zoom!!

Joined: 3/15/2017
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Found my little friend at auction about 18 months ago.  78k and in very good condition for $4500.  Since then I have been trying to knock things off the "To Do" list quicker than adding to it. 

Work done so far.
Repainted.  More out of opportunity than necessity.  Paint on it was not bad at all.  Just a few spots chipped or bubbled and the expected rock dings on the nose and hood.  But I met a friend of a friend who was a vette specialist and high end dealership painter.  He offered to make my vette look better than brand new and would do it for $2600.  In my area standard body shop prices are $4K if nothing has to disassembled.  $5K if parts have to be removed. When I dropped it off at his house. He had a 16 Stingray and 17 Grand Sport in the driveway. And showed me his personal body shop around back which had a state of the art paint bay and 5 or 6 other project cars of his in various stages of repair.  It took him over 2 months to do the job in his spare time.  Invited me out mid way to show me some things he noticed on the car.  And he had it completely disassembled!  I found out later he usually charges $8K and up for personal jobs.  But for vette's it depends on how much he thinks you love your car.  So, you might say I'm glad I had it done!

Third went out and had tranny rebuilt, Harmonic balancer replaced, Alternator and new battery.  That's about it mechanically.
Added the mirrored stainless steel underside of the hood.

Making the engine bay look good is a work in progress.

Led headlights are in.

Led lighting throughout interior.

Stereo upgraded to a 10 inch detachable touchscreen and upgraded speakers all around with a 10 inch sub in back.

Redid the console panels (shown below)

Brought the interior carpet from sun faded grey back to the original deep black.

Various trim pieces replaces. 

Upgraded interior lighting.

Added the spoiler.

Made a deck cover out of a corvette flag and materials I had around the house.

I'm sure I'm missing some things.  And a decent list of things to do yet.  Now have about 10K invested.  Far more than I will ever get out of it.  But worth every penny to me!


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Re: My 86' (2/2)
 2/24/20 1:16am
David Cannistraro
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Stow, MA - USA

1989 convertable white red interior

Joined: 11/22/2019
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Where did you get the mirror stainless? I have an 89 .



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