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My beautiful 30-year-old girl! (1/3)
 10/2/16 10:36am
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Greenwood, IN - USA

1986 Two-Tone Coupe 74K original miles

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Howdy!  I bought my 86 coupe two years ago from the original owner... she only has 74K miles on her and is about a 9 out of 10, condition-wise.  When I got her everything was pretty much original... I've removed the EGR system, all of the EPA crap, removed the cats, and had the ignition curve and others things changed/removed from the ECM EPROM.  She runs cooler, smoother, and has more power.  This winter she'll be getting headers and a nice aftermarket performance exhaust, along with all new hubs, rotors, shocks, and upgraded front brake calipers to the later model dual-piston type.  I'm also going to pull off the entire intake system and change seals and gaskets, change the valve springs out, replace the valve seals, and replace all of the fuel injectors and the fuel regulator.  Then she'll be ready for some longer trips next summer!

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Re: My beautiful 30-year-old girl! (2/3)
 10/6/16 9:10am
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1989 black convertible C4 corvette 4 speed automatic 350 CI with 300 Hp. New mods will bring it to 375 Hp.

Joined: 2/1/2015
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How did you get past inspection with such radical changes?
Re: My beautiful 30-year-old girl! (3/3)
 10/11/16 4:09pm
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Pittsburgh, PA - USA

1985 corvette

Joined: 1/4/2010
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Looks nice.