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Topic: My new 95

in Forum: Show off your C4!

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My new 95 (1/2)
 10/15/21 8:39pm
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1995 Coupe - Dark Purple Metallic

Joined: 9/23/2021
Posts: 6

My new to me 95 Coupe. So far so good, and my wife said that she is really enjoying it..... she searched for  and found a  local  Corvette Club for us to join. It's an automatic with  47000 miles. It came with a k&n air filter which I removed and installed a wix filter instead. The k&n didn't fit correctly and needed an additional layer of foam to seal, and even then I wasn't happy with it, and didn't trust the seal. Only mod that I'm aware of is  it has Flowmaster Super 10 mufflers. I may replace them in the future, I  love the sound but it does drone, but it isn't  to bad. I also have a 78 Silver Anniversary in my garage that I'm restoring,  I  figure that will take me a year or 2. 

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Re: My new 95 (2/2)
 10/19/21 12:53pm
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decatur, AL - USA

1st and only Vette so far. 1994 Polo Green Matallic base coupe. Bought in November 2013 with 200,000 miles on odometer. Runs great and almost everything works.

Joined: 4/3/2014
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really nice ride. hope you love it as much as we all love our C4's. I  just bought one like this as my new daily driver so I can finish my 94. The only diff is mine is an SS.

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