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Topic: New to me 95 Auto

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New to me 95 Auto (1/2)
 3/9/22 8:56pm
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1995 Coupe - Dark Purple Metallic

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My Wife and I picked this up last September. We drove from central Tn to western Iowa. I searched on Autotrader & Cars.com and a dealer had pretty much what I was looking for. So after some time on phone calls and emails we decided to drive out and pick it up and load on my trailer and tow it home. Got it with 47000 miles. One thing I wasnt expecting, the Exhaust is modified with resonators removed and FlowMaster Super mufflers. It does have a drone but its not horrible, My wife and I can have conversation without a lot of problem. The interior noise level without the radio is about 82db. with roof on and 86db. with roof off. 

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Re: New to me 95 Auto (2/2)
 3/10/22 6:42am
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 Corvette Red T-Top

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Very nice!

Thanks for sharing this with us.

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