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Topic: New two - tone leather standard seat covers - re-fitted

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New two - tone leather standard seat covers - re-fitted (1/2)
 6/15/22 11:06am
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Finally figured out how to upload - had to copy/paste link. 6/15/22 - according to the upload feature, it may take a while - check back later - I got these from Mid America Motorworks for $600 pair (half price normally $1200) - Self installed using hog clip kit from Amazon and some of my own stainless steel TIG welding wire I had available to replace the stock wire seat bottom supports. Very time consuming project. Removing old covers took a while with all the hooks needing to be pulled like teeth individually. Putting new ones over old foams was another learn by doing process with the help of a few online videos. I Re-used the original foam cushions (new ones would have been another $400 which I didn't have) so they aren't as tight as they could be but they are very soft and big improvement from original dry cracking saddle leathers. - I recently added 1" foam to the cushions which made a big difference on the fitment. Now they look right.


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Re: New two - tone leather standard seat covers (self installed) (2/2)
 4/11/20 9:38am
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Looks nice.

Also blends well with interior colors. 👍

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